WinSCP is free sftp client / scp client / ftp client for windows. It helps to transfer files between local and remote servers. The remote server can be window or linux or unix box.

Its main advantage is :

* It have explorer
* Windows like drag and drop options
* one side local and other side remote computer file manager
* If required stored the session information
* Integrated text editor
* Can perform all common operations with files.

You can download from

Short cut keys for word document

ctrl + c - To copy text
ctrl + v - To paste the copied content
ctrl + b - To make the text bold
ctrl + f - To search. To continue search use ctrl+alt+y
ctrl + h - To replace text with given text.
ctrl + i - To make the text italic
ctrl + u - To underline the text
ctrl + j - To justify the paragraph
ctrl + l - To left justify the paragraph
ctrl + r - To right justify the paragraph
ctrl + e - To make the text centre
ctrl + d - To change the font and size
ctrl + k - To make a link
ctrl + x - To remove the selected text
ctrl + y - To repeat the last step
ctrl + z - To undo the action
ctrl + t - To create the tabbing in the next line
ctrl + s - To save the file
ctrl + n - To open new document
ctrl + o - To open the document
ctrl + w - To close the documen
ctrl + a - To select all content of the document

To speed up your system

If the disk space less then the system goes slow. To increase the speed,

1. Delete the unwanted files.
2. Clean temporary files : To clean temporary files in disk, you can use Accessories->system tools-> Disk Clean up->select the driver
3. Accessories -> system tools -> click Disk Deframenter. This helps to join the splited files into order so we will get space.

Broadband uage Calculation

We are using broadband connections. After using specific amount of bandwidth, the service providers charge based on the usage.

So we want to measure how much we utilized the bandwith, based on that to plan. For this purpose, we can use BitMeter OS


You can get this software from

It works in windows, linux and mac os also

To count the number of words and letters in the document, paragraph or selected text

1. select the text
2. In status bar, click the words, it will show window with selected text - number of character(with out space), with space, number of lines, number of paragraphs,

By default it shows the entire document number of lines, characters, paragraphs.

Clean duplicate files - img, vdo, doc,xls, mp3... in windows

We store photos, documents,music and video files in computer. We copy those files and keep it in different locations for some reasons and leave it as such. The days go on we forget about the duplication and it utilize the disk space. The performance goes down.

When i was searching for program to help to find the duplicate, i found this.

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