Gmail Notifier and CheckGmail

Gmail Notifier

Most of the people knows about the Gmail Notifier and Usage. Most of us use the Gmail Notifier in windows. It sits in system tray and changes the icon on receiving new messages. It pop's up the new message and on clicking it, you can read the mail directly.

How do you run a COBOL batch program from a JCL? How do you run a COBOL/DB2 program?

To run a non DB2 program:


To run a DB2 program

Selenium Testing - Firebox - selenium IDE for web testing

Selenium test scripts are widely used for web testing. Firebox have lots of plugins to add on functionality to it. Selenium IDE is one of the most popular firebox extension for selenium test scripts.

Selenium IDE mainly used to record and play back the steps, we do in browser. It gives us a integrated developement enviroment for selenium scripting.

JCL : Question Papers for freshers, experienced..

1)What does the disposition of (NEW,CATLG,KEEP) mean?

That this is a new dataset and needs to be allocated, to CATLG the dataset if the step is successful and to KEEP but not CATLG the dataset if the step abends. Thus if the step abends, the dataset would not be catalogued and we would need to supply the vol. ser the next time we refer to it.

2)What do you do if you do not want to keep all the space allocated to a dataset?

Linux / Unix Difference between who, whoami and who am i?


The who command helps to get the list of users who are all currently logged into the system.

for example:


Unix : Patch - Install, remove, list

A patch is collection of files and directories to replace the existing file or directory for enchancement or error correction.

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