Mainframe - Copy one file to another file with sorted order and summed up the column

Command :
SORT FIELDS=(starting position, length, format of the variable, ascending or descending.
SUM FIELDS=(starting position, length of the variable, format of the variable)
Example :
// DCB=(*.SORTIN) Output file created using properties from input file.

Perl - How to get the list of CPAN modules installed and its version

To get the list of modules installed on the linux / unix machine and its version.

use ExtUtils::Installed;
my $inst = ExtUtils::Installed->new();
my @modules = $inst->modules();
foreach my $module ( @modules ) {
eval "require $module";
printf( "%-20s: %s\n", $module, $module->VERSION ) unless ( $@ );

How to set serial number in the particular column or Row?

While we work in Excel, some time we need to create serial numbers in particular row or column. Entering 100 serail number is hard. Here is the simple way.
Serial Number in Excel

1. Enter the starting two numbers of the serial in the particular row or coloum based on requirement.

Don't have hot items using Paper cups

Recent years, we use paper cups to have juice,tea, coffee in shops and mainly in office pantry. We are thinking it is hygiene. No harm to health. It is recyclable, so we are environmental friendly. Even i am thinking the same and use paper cups to have hot water and hot items like coffee, tea, soups.

Recently i read article about the paper cup, it was a shock to me, so want to share.

Spam mails are sent from your email account to your contacts?

We always hear that don't click the links from unknown user. But sometimes unknowingly or due to curiosity clicked the link? Now what to do?

Once you click those spam mail links, those unknown sender take over the control of your account that is stealing the password and contacts in your account.

They sent mail from your account to your contacts with links to take control of their accounts also. Once you have suspect this then do the following immediately

1. Change the password.
2. Clear cookies and temporary files.
3. Run antivirus in your system.
4. Send mail to your contacts stating that don't click any link which sent from your account.

Further Security steps

1. Don't use the same password for more than one account across or same mail services.

2. Don't use the same passwords in facebook kind of social sites.

3. Never ever use same passwords of the bank account in mail and social networking sites.

Precaution is better than cure. So be careful before clicking any links.

Oracle - SQL Developer : unable to find the java virtual machine

I have installed oracle 11g (win64_11gR2_client) in windows 7 (64 bit machine). I could able to use sqlplus and connect to database.

But the sql developer was not working. While investigated find that SQL developer won't work with 64 bit version of jdk and it throws unable to find the java virtual machine.

To solve the issue install 32bit/x86 jdk and change ORACLE_HOME\sqldeveloper\sqldeveloper\bin\sqldeveloper.conf file SetJavaHome point to 32 bit jdk.

Note: make sure you install 32 bit/ x86 jdk1.6.X or jdk1.5.x

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