Short cut keys for word document

ctrl + c - To copy text
ctrl + v - To paste the copied content
ctrl + b - To make the text bold
ctrl + f - To search. To continue search use ctrl+alt+y
ctrl + h - To replace text with given text.
ctrl + i - To make the text italic
ctrl + u - To underline the text
ctrl + j - To justify the paragraph
ctrl + l - To left justify the paragraph
ctrl + r - To right justify the paragraph
ctrl + e - To make the text centre
ctrl + d - To change the font and size
ctrl + k - To make a link
ctrl + x - To remove the selected text
ctrl + y - To repeat the last step
ctrl + z - To undo the action
ctrl + t - To create the tabbing in the next line
ctrl + s - To save the file
ctrl + n - To open new document
ctrl + o - To open the document
ctrl + w - To close the documen
ctrl + a - To select all content of the document

Try this in Vim

Open a file in vim and type some number.
Keep the cursor in the number and press ctrl+x

continue do it, what did you notice?

The number gets decresed by one each time you press ctrl+x.

Excel - How to create data validation for pariticular column or range of columns?

You maintain excel data for various purpose. While entering sometime you may enter wrongly. If you want impose some validation on each column, this topic helps you.

For example
You maintain sites and its daily visitors count. You want include validation like the count entered should be greater than 1 and it should be whole number.

Special in July 2012

After 863 years, this July have 5 Sundays, 5 Mondays and 5 Tuesdays. This is happens once in every 863 years . Enjoy the special month.

jQuery - How to check Ajax call running in the page and display information accordingly?

In web page, we use the ajax calls to fetch or verify some specific data with out reloading the entire page.

For example
1. After entering username in registeration form, we want to validate already the same username used or not and show the information to choose new username.

2. on clicking button we want the dropdown to load from server

Clean duplicate files - img, vdo, doc,xls, mp3... in windows

We store photos, documents,music and video files in computer. We copy those files and keep it in different locations for some reasons and leave it as such. The days go on we forget about the duplication and it utilize the disk space. The performance goes down.

When i was searching for program to help to find the duplicate, i found this.

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