How to bind/link multiple elements to single function in jQuery?

A form have elements.You want to do specific action when user click on those elements.
You can combine those elements using mutliple selector in jQuery like $("element1 element2 element3").

For example you have 3 checkbox groups. When user click on any checkbox group, you link three checkbox to specific event and function like below

Food Starter<br/>
<input id="fstarter_1" name="f_starter[]" value="1">Gobi Manchuerien<br/>
<input id="fstarter_2" name="f_starter[]" value="2">Baby Corn Fry<br/>
<input id="fstarter_3" name="f_starter[]" value="3">Onion Rolls<br/>
<input id="fstarter_4" name="f_starter[]" value="4">Samosa<br/>

Main Course<br/>
<input id="fmain_1" name="f_main[]" value="1">Palk Paneer<br/>
<input id="fmain_2" name="f_main[]" value="2">Navarathna Kuruma<br/>
<input id="fmain_3" name="f_main[]" value="3">Paneer Butter Masala<br/>
<input id="fmain_4" name="f_main[]" value="4">Nan<br/>
<input id="fmain_5" name="f_main[]" value="5">Butter Nan<br/>

Sweets <input id="fsweet_1" name="f_sweet[]" value="1">Jelabi<br/>
<input id="fsweet_2" name="f_sweet[]" value="2">Halwa<br/>