IITM - Campus Aptitude question paper

81. If x/y=2/3 then y**2/x**2 is equal to

82. The cordinates of A,b,c are respectively (2,3) ,(4,4) AND (0,-2). If abcd is a parallelgram. The coordinates of D are

83. A man bought two horses for Rs.924 each and sold one horse for 15% profit and the other for 15% loss.What is the net gain?

84. Two pumps fill a tank in 20 hrs. One pump fills the same tank 10hrs. faster than the other pump. In what time the other pump fills the tank?

85. X men in X hrs/day finish a work in x days. Y men in y hours per day finish the work in

86. 8 men + 2 boys finish a work in 16 days. 2 men + 5 boys finish a work in 20 days. 8 men and 8 boys finish the same work in how many days?

87. A train and A Cyclist reaches a station every day at the same time. One day the Cyclist starts 20 minutes late from his house. On his way to station the train crosses him at 5 miles before station. The speed of cyclist is >12mph. Find the speed of the train.

88. There is an element which triplicates in every hour. Each of these 3 items inturn reproduce exactly 3 other items. If a single compund is kept in a container at noon and the container is full by midnight. After how many hours is the container 1/3 full.

89. A person goes to a bank and Quotes x Rs and y paise on a cheque. The cashier misreads it and gives y Rs and x paise. The man comes out and donates 5 paise to a begger. Now, the man has exactly double the amount he has quoted on the cheque.

90. Pepsi, Fanta, Cola order either coffee or tea after dinner.
a) If pepsi orders coffee, Fanta orders the drink that is ordered by cola.
b) If fanta orders coffee, pepsi do not order the drink that is ordered by cola.
c) If cola orders tea, pepsi orders the same drink ordered by fanta. Who take the same drink every day.