61. The average of 4 consecutive even numbers is 27. What is the largest number?

62. One ball was dropped from 8 ft height and every time it goes half of the height. How much distance it will travell before coming to rest.

63. How many liters of water must be added to 30 liters of alcohol to make a solution that is 25%

64. How much is 3/7 larger than 20 percent of 2

65. xyz=120, then which of the following can not be a value of y

66. xsqrt(0.09)=3 , then x equals

67. Perimeter of rectangle is s and the other sideis x, then the other side

68. y-z=0,x+8y=4,3x+4y=7z then find x, y and z

69. f(x,y) =x**2 -y**2 then the value of f(4,(f(1,2) is

70. If the radius of the circle is incresed by 6% then its area incresed by