IITM - General Model Questions

1. 6*12*15 is the volume of some material. How many cubes can be inserted into that?

2.Two pipes can fill a tank in 10 1nd 12 hours while third pipe will make the tank
empty in 20 hours.If all three pipes operate simultaneously,in how many hours the
tank will be filled ?

3.Diameter of a beaker is 7cm. Mambler(some instrument)dia is 1.4cm.How many mamblers
has to be put to increase the water level by 5.6cm.

4.Cost of an item is x. It's value increases by p% and decreases by p%Now the new value
is 1 rupee, what is the actual value.

5.A right circular cylinder and a cone are there.Base radius of cone is equal to radius
of cylinder.What is the ratio of height to slant side.

6.Distance between two poles is 50 meters.A train goes by 48 kmph in one minute.How many
poles will be crossed by the train.

7.A pole seen from a certain distance at an angle of 15 degrees and 100 meters ahead by
30 degrees. What is th height of pole.

8.15 people--each has to pay Rs.20.. 20 people--each has to pay Rs.18.. for 40 people--how
much has to pay ?

9.if p=2q then q=r*r,if p-odd then q is even,whether we decide r is even or odd ?

a)first condition is sufficient
b)second condition is sufficient
c)both are sufficient
d)both are not sufficient

10.What is the value of m given that

i) m is devided by 2
ii) m is devided by 5

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