For healthy Life

1. Get up early in the morning.
2. Drink water around 2 litres.
3. Go to toilet, do exercise till get sweat.
4. Try to take head bath everyday.
5. Do breathing exercise if you know, or try learn the pranayama.
5. Use less soap and rub the body while bathing, so the blood circulated to the skin.
6. Drink fresh fruit juice, sprouts and raw vegtables.
7. If possible sit in the floor and have food.
8. It always good to eat 3/4 of the stomach.
9. Have lunch with brown rice and lots of curry and curds.
10. chew the food properly.
11. Drink lots of water for easy digestion.
12. Have dinner before 8 PM
13. Read good books and discuss good things before sleep.
14. Don't refrigerate cooked foods.
15. Take original honey. Have seeds like cashew nuts, almonds and groundnuts.