Check your Aptitude Skill

1. In a computer tape library there are two racks with 40 tapes per rack.In a given day 30 tapes are in use . What fraction remains in the rack?

2. In a certain company 20% of the men and 40% of the women attended the annual company picnic.If 35% of all the employees are men .What % of all the employee went to the picnic?

3. From its total income a company spent $20000 for marketing half of the remainder on salaries and had $6000 left. What was the total income?

4. A boy multiplied a number with 10 and got 100,insted of dividing it . If he divided it what would be the answer?

5. During a given week a programmer spend 1/4 of his time preparing charts,3/8 of his time for coding, rest of his time for debugging the programs. If he had 48 hrs during the week. how many hours did he spend debugging the program?.

6. A man owns 2/3 of a computer service buroue business and sells 3/4 of his share for $75000.What is the value of the business?

7. If a card punch operator can process 80 cards in half an hour. How many cards can this process in 7 hr 30 min?

8. A computer printer produces 176400 lines in a given day. If the printer was in operation for 7hrs during the day. how many lines did it print per minute?

9. A 16 story building has 12000ft on each floor. Company A rents 7 floors and company B rents 4 floors. What is the number of square feet of not rented floor space?

10. If 12 shell cup board requires 18ft of wall space then 30 shell cupboard requires, how much wall space?

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