Javascript Libraries

The collection of javascript code helps to develope the application easy.There are many javascript libraries available. Popular libraries like jQuery, Prototype, Dojo.. are provides functionalities like Ajax calls, event handling, effects. These javascript libraries combine with css makes page effects.

The popular javascript libraries comes with plugins, those adds additional functionalities to it. Some of these libraries have test units also like junit for java.

Most Popular Full Javascript Libraries

Moo Tools
Ext JS
X Library

The above libraries have complete set of functionalities, if anything missing also the plugins are there to fill the space.

Javascript libraries for specific purpose. I list few here. , Lightbox, GreyBox - mainly for effects.

Processing.js - To create 2D images.

wForms, LiveValidation - To form validation.

There are lot more than mentioned here for both javascript frameworks and specific purpose libraries. So choose the right one for your application to develop fast and easily.