Compare Two VSAM Files

Normal flat file compare option 3.13 can be used to compare 2 VSAM files. Also if the compare needs to be any particular field then needs to use starting position and end position. See the below sample.

In the below sample starting position is 5 and ending position is 60. It will compare the values from position 5 to 60 and provide the result if any difference.

Command ===> Scroll ===> CSR

Enter or change Process Statements in the EDIT window below:
****** ***************************** Top of Data ******************************
'''''' CMPCOLM 5:60
****** **************************** Bottom of Data ****************************

Examples Explanation
CMPCOLM 5:60 75:90 Compare using two column compare ranges
LSTCOLM 25:90 List columns 25:90 from input
DPLINE 'PAGE ' Exclude line if "PAGE " found anywhere on line
SELECT MEM1,NMEM2:OMEM2 Compare MEM1 with MEM1 and NMEM2 with OMEM2
CMPLINE NTOP 'MACRO' Start comparing after string found in new DSN
LNCT 66 Set lines per page to 66