Linux / Unix : What command used to see the login and logout information?

Administrator point of view, they might require to see the list of users who login, logout, how long used, which IP used to login, putty/ftp which software used to login the system for security reasons.

last command which provides these informations.

1. last
It display the all users, all time login information.

For example: $last
sasikala pts/1 Tue Jue 28 10:00 - 18:17 (07:17)
vijay pts/2 Mon Jun 27 09:12 - 10:12 (01:00)
chitra ftp Thu Nov 12 10:10 - 11:10 (01:00)

2. last -a username

last with a option used to display the login information of particular user.

3. last -n number
last command with n option helps to display last n entries.