April 2012

Using the javascript in browser addressbar

Using the javascript in browser addressbar

1. suppose you have a javascript variable called currentStat in your page and want to know its recent value
you can just type javascript::alert(currentStat); in addressbar of the current page and enter

How to test mobile site using mozilla firefox?

All the mobile site developers can not affort to test in different mobile devices. So they normally look for different option, atleast for initial test. Firebox have add-ons to test the mobile sites.

Mobile site developers can use these add-ons to check how the site looks and what need to change to give best look and feel in mobile devices.

How to delete cookies in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox?

I am writing this, since one of my new team mate asked this question "How to delete cookies in IE?". May be this helps newbies.

Internet Explorer :
1. Go to Tools->Select Options
2. In General tab -> Browsing History Section->click Delete button
3. It open a window with Temporary Internet files, Cookies, History, Form data...
4. Click the checkbox near to Cookies and click Delete button.
It will delete the cookies and click Ok button.

other way to delete all the temporary files or cookies
1. Go to Tools->Select Options
2. In General tab ->Browsing History Section->click Settings
3. Select View Files button -> which open a window explorer with all IE temporary browsing files
4. If you want to delete all, just select all by Ctrl+A and delete
5. or you can select cookie text files and can delete it.

Moziall firefox:
1. Go to Tools->Options
2. Go to Privacy tab
3. Select use custome settings for history in History section.
4. click Show Cookies-> Search for particular site cookie and click Remove Or remove all cookies
5. Click Close

Linux/Unix : Input/Ouput redirection

The output of the commands displayed in the screen is called standard output.

Redirect output to file:

If you want to write the output of command to file then use >

for example : du -k >usage_readable.txt

Each time the command executes, the file content overwritten.

selenium RC - throwing error

selenium RC - throwing error like
permission denied in file:///c:/DOCUMEN!1/LOCALS~1/Temp/customeProfileDirbfaa4293d6a8465f9/core/RemoteRunner.hta

any body have come across this and have solution?

A Professor explained Marketing to MBA students

1. You see gorgeous girl in party,
you go to her & say I am rich marry me
That's Direct Marketing.

2. You attend party & your friend goes to a girl & pointing at you
tells her. He' is very rich, marry him - That's Advertising.

3. Girl walks to you & says u are rich, can u marry me?
"That's Brand Recognition"

4. You say I m very rich marry me & she slaps u
"That's Customer Feedback"

5. You say I m very rich marry me & she introduces you to her husband
"That's Demand & Supply Gap"

6. Before you say I m rich, marry me, your wife arrives
That's Restriction from Entering New Market.

Very important - Girls in dressing room

Girls, conduct this simple test immediately after you enter into the trial room.

1.Place the tip of your fingernail against the reflective surface and if there is a GAP between your fingernail and the image of the nail, then it is GENUINE mirror.


However, if your fingernail DIRECTLY TOUCHES the image of your nail, then BEWARE!

2. Then check if any pinhole camera there in lock holes, behind the lights.